Trex LED Transformer


This Trex DeckLights LED Transformer is available two sizes to meet your lighting needs for projects small or large. The 30 watt size includes a 20-foot quick connect extension cable, while the 100 watt size includes two cables that can be attached to a splitter or adapter without the need for wire nuts. Also included is a photo-activated timer with several options for customizing the run-time of your light system. Contained in a small housing, this DC transformer is UL listed and comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Trex® DeckLighting™. From late suppers to outdoor slumber parties to even later cocktails, Trex DeckLighting creates a dimmable glow that sets the mood and keeps your deck illuminated.

Not sure what size transformer you need? Trex lights range from 0.5-1.8W. If you have less than 20 lights, the 30W transformer should do. if you have more than 20 to 30 lights, use the 100W Transformer up to ~70 lights. Still not sure? feel free to contact us.