GH Adjustable Deck Leveller

"The Leveller" is the perfect solution for levelling and adjusting all your projects such as posts, steps, decks and patios. They work perfectly on any type of post or leg. If you're building a new deck, step or patio, or retrofitting an old one, simply find centre of leg or post, drill a 1 1/8" hole (minimum), attach top of leveller to bottom of post or leg with 3 #8 screws, thread in bottom of leveller and your installation is complete. If you're building your deck, step or patio on concrete sidewalk blocks, footings or steel screw in piles don't worry if the footings aren't all quite level with each other. Simply install the leveller in the legs and level the joists or beams as you go. Later on when your deck, step, or patio, settles or heaves, (as they always eventually do) simply adjust the levellers and your project will be level again. If you need to attach the base to the footings or piles, use the holes provided as they are, drill them out for larger diameter fasteners or use GH The Leveller base plate (NEW ITEM). Unlike other products used for this purpose, our levelling foot is installed inside the leg or post. This means the threads are protected from the elements. It can be installed at the base of post or between the post and joist. The Leveller is made from thick 1" grade 5 zinc coated steel for tremendous strength and corrosion resistance. We've tested it to 7000 pounds, but with an SAE proof load rating of 85000 psi, we know it will hold much more