Fortress 36Watt Premium Transformer Kit

Kit Includes
- Timmer/Dimmer/Photocell
Control your Fortress Accents LED lights with ease using this Transformer Kit from Fortress Accents. The newest addition to the Fortress lineup covers all the lighting bases with a photocell/timer and a dimmer with remote. The photocell/timer can automatically turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn, or it can manually operate the lights for two, four, six, or eight hours using the included timer. The dimmer can attach to the transformer, and then the lights attach to the dimmer using the included output wire. With the remote control, you can adjust the brightness of the lights from up to ten yards away.
- Output Voltage 12 volts DC
- Output Wattage 36 watts
- Circuits One circuit
- Type DC (LED)