Trex CompanyTrex is the most well known composite decking in Canada, and for good reason: Trex is high quality and readily available.  While Trex is most known for their decking, they have expanded their product mix to include railing, lighting, framing, furniture, and a whole lot more.  With the most comprehensive offering of outdoor living products in the industry, Trex continues to lead the market in awareness.

Please Note This Article Is Not Current: Published 2016

Trex deck boards are made up of 95% recycled wood fibre and plastic film.  While Trex first took the market by storm with their composite decking, they no longer offer a basic composite deck board and instead now manufacture three lines of "capped composite" decking.  Capped composites are co-extruded with a traditional composite core, capped with a layer of plastic which provides better protection from the sun, scratches, and staining.

All Trex decking lines come with a 25-Year Warranty which includes warranty against fading and staining!

Now let's take a little closer look at the Trex decking lineup:



Trex Select is an entry priced capped composite with a 25 year warranty and available in five monochromatic colours:

Trex Select Pebble Grey Trex Select Winchester Grey Trex Select Saddle Trex Select Woodland Brown Trex Select Madeira
Pebble Grey Winchester Grey Saddle Woodland Brown  Madeira



Trex Enhance is a mid-level priced capped composite board that is slightly thicker, has a slightly thicker cap, and is a bit more scratch resistant than Trex Select.  Enhance comes with a 25 year warranty and available in three monochromatic colours:

Trex Enhance Beach Dune Trex Enhance Clamshell Trex Enhance Saddle
Beach Dune Clamshell  Saddle



Trex Transcend is the premium capped composite that adds yet another level of scratch resistance and a more aggressive woodgrain texture.  Transcend has a 25 year warranty and is available in five monochromatic Classical Earthtones colours, and five Premium Tropicals colours that include a gorgeous streaking/colour variegation.

Classical Earthtones

Trex Transcend Vintage Lantern Trex Transcend Fire Pit Trex Transcend Gravel Path Trex Transcend Rope Swing Trex Transcend Tree House
Vintage Lantern Fire Pit Gravel Path Rope Swing Tree House


Premium Tropicals

Trex Transcend Spiced Rum Trex Transcend Island Mist Trex Transcend Havana Gold Trex Transcend Tiki Torch Trex Transcend Lava Rock
Spiced Rum Island Mist Havana Gold Tiki Torch Lava Rock


The Ultimate Deck Shop is a stocking dealer of Trex composite decking, and stocks all of the foundation, framing, fasteners, and accessories to start and finish your deck!

The Ultimate Deck Shop

3 THOUGHTS ON “Trex Composite Decking”

by Deanna Brown

Good evening, I am looking for a relatively simple deck design and you came recommended. I am wondering what the cost would be for either a 2D or 3D design. I am estimating approximately 12 × 12-14’. I am also wondering what the time frame would be to have it completed? Do you also provide an estimate as to the cost of the build once a design is chosen?
Thanks for your help!

by Shane

Hi Brett,

Sorry we missed replying to this. Trex is available in a few different lines at differing price points. If you’d like to email us some information about your project, or stop in at our store, we could help you with figuring out what product works for you and get you a quote for your project. We also have a few different water proofing options, so we could discuss those with you as well!

Thank you!

by Brett Nunweiler

Hey I was wondering how much this material is per square foot? I need 6000 square feet.. it’s to build a deck on the side of my shop and park equipment underneath, I was wondering also how much deck material is that wouldn’t let water through it?