Fiberon is a leading manufacturer of composite and PVC decking.  Fiberon was actually the first company to market a capped composite which solved the issues with sun damage and staining that troubled early generation composites.  Soon, every other major manufacturer followed suit.  In addition to being innovative, Fiberon has lead the industry in warranty offerings leaving others to play catchup.

Please Note This Article Is Not Current: Published 2016

Fiberon is one of the few manufacturers who offer both a capped composite and a PVC option (Paramount PVC).  They also recently announced a new Relax line of synthetic decking, however at this time, The Ultimate Deck Shop has chosen not to carry this line due to it's lesser warranty and current lack of experience in our climate.  So we will focus here, on the other tried and true capped composite and PVC lines.

All Fiberon capped compositess come with a 25 year warranty which includes fade and stain warranty, while the Paramount PVC line comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!  The Relax line, which we have chosen not to carry, has a 15 year warranty which does NOT include fade or stain.

In a very large nutshell, here are the available Fiberon lines and colours:



Fiberon Good Like is an entry priced capped composite with a 25-year warranty, including fade and stain.  It is offered in three monochromatic colours:

Fiberon Good Life Cottage Fiberon Good Life Cabin Fiberon Good Life Villa
Cottage Cabin Villa



Fibron Sanctuary adds some beautiful coloured streaking and is also available in three multichromatic colours, complete with 25 year warranty including fade and stain:

Fiberon Sanctuary Earl Grey Fiberon Sanctuary Latte Fiberon Sanctuary Espresso
Earl Grey Latte  Espresso



Fiberon Protect Advantage is priced the same as Sanctuary but features a smoother, flatter grain pattern embossing.  It carries the same warranty and is also available in three multichromatic colours:

Fiberon Protect Advantage Grey Birch Fiberon Protect Advantage Chestnut Fiberon Protect Advantage Western Cedar
Grey Birch Chestnut Western Cedar



Fiberon Horizon is a premum capped composite with beautiful streaking, and a four-sided cap (previous lines only cap three sides).  Warranty still strong at 25 years including fade and stain.  Four beautiful multichromatic colours are available:

Fiberon Horizon Castle Grey Fiberon Horizon Rosewood Fiberon Horizon Tudor Brown Fiberon Horizon Ipe
Castle Grey Rosewood Tudor Brown Ipe


Fiberon Symmetry is a line with a more fine grain embossing and beautiful hardood colouring.  It is priced the same as the Horizon line and carries the same warranty.  A new colour, Graphite, was added for 2017 which brings the total to four multichromatic colours,

Fiberon Symmetry Graphite Fiberon Symmetry Warm Sienna Fiberon Symmetry Cinnabar Fiberon Symmatry Burnt Umber
Graphite Warm Sienna Cinnabar Burnt Umber



Fiberon Paramout is a cellular PVC decking product which means that, unlike composite, there no wood or organize material in the product.  Nothing to potentially rot, swell, or attract insects.  It also comes with an unparalleled Lifetime warranty.  Paramount is available in two monochromatic and four multichromatic colour options:

Fiberon Paramount Mineral Fiberon Paramount Fossil
Mineral Fossil


Fiberon Paramount Sandstone Fiberon Paramount Flagstone Fiberon Paramount Brownstone Fiberon Paramount Earthstone
Sandstone Flagstone Brownstone Earthstone


The Ultimate Deck Shop is a stocking dealer of Fiberon decking, and stocks all of the foundation, framing, fasteners, and accessories to start and finish your deck!

The Ultimate Deck Shop

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